Granfaloon Bus

Granfaloon Bus

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Future Farmer

I’d like a song that started like this/I’d like a song that did like this/Ahh ahh ahh…

Well, me too.

This as near a perfect blending of country and indie pop sensibilities and sounds as I could hope for. The mournful country dirges are tempered by pop infectiousness and likewise the pop gets itself a twang. Clever lyrical turns meet deft guitar and banjo picking amongst steel guitar for down-home backwoods catchiness. “Heatwave Marchingband Soldier” has a shuffling jug and washboard charm with a warbling trumpet that tells us how “he bought hisself a trumpet, taught hisself to play…

The indie pop twists woven in are somewhat subtle, but they rear their head a bit more obviously here and there. Observe the organ beat underneath “The Far From Perfect Cha-Cha” or the unabashed pop bounce meets twang of “Moans Enclosed.” An unexpected mix of styles, achieved seamlessly with class and aplomb. One of the nicest surprises I’ve had in a while.

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