Hope In Ghosts

Hope In Ghosts



There are much to be said for post-rock without the intellectualizing postures and immaculately construed song structures, and much like Built To Spill, Hope In Ghosts is one of those bands that goes straight for the heart of the music. On this EP, Hope In Ghosts main man Ted Flynn churns out a series of short, impassioned, and accessible songs, drifting from the popish “Stitches” to the subdued, lovely “My Headphones are Broken,” via the quirky “Math Rock Spy Hunter,” and back again to another (better) version of opening track “Stitches.” While the songs are a bit monotonous at times, and do have a tendency to drift off into pointless guitar-jams towards the end, this is still a delicately performed release, brimming with promise for future endeavors.

Hope In Ghosts: http://www.hopeinghosts.com

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