Jean Luc Ponty

Jean Luc Ponty

Life Enigma


Life Enigma is the first album in as many as seven years from Jean Luc Ponty, a French violonist. But after listening to this excellent jazz fusion album, it is understandable why it took him so long to record Life Enigma — it is a very well produced, modern album incorporating acid-jazz, and drum n’ bass; a departure from his earlier works in a positive direction. Ponty’s previous album had his synthesizer work on computers overshadow his violin playing, but this album has his electric violin shining through throughout — something that would possibly be very well received by his fans.

Tracks “Signals From Planet Earth” and “The Infinite Human Caravan” are awesome (drum n’ bass) tracks highlighting the two percussionists and bassist, accompanying Ponty. William Lecomte, the pianist, is heard occasionally, playing great supplementary role. The chemistry among the band members and their musical abilities are very noteworthy. “Even the Sun Will Die” features stellar bass work by Guy Nsangue Akwa, matched well by the percussionist and Ponty. “Love at Last Sight,” one of my favorite tracks, has a solid piano solo, and the album closes with “And Life Goes On,” featuring a superb bass solo.

Much to be said about the production of the album as well — it is produced by Ponty himself, with the production reflecting his range and creativity. The tones are clear, rich, subtle, and crisp. Definitely one of Ponty’s best albums ever.

Jean Luc Ponty:

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