Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

Metal Machine

Steamhammer / SPV

I think a new word will have to be invented for “amazing.” Because Midnight Sun needs such a description. Basically, they’re one of the turn-of-the century (look for this historic labeling for the next 100 years) wave of European power metal bands that emphasizes excellent musicianship combined with over-the-top metal vocals and metal power dynamics. Not so basically, the bar is, yet again, raised a notch.

Vocally, Midnight Sun is in another world, that land of heavy metal warrior gods where everything kicks ass and nothing is crap! Vocally, this band has done the impossible… I used to joke about an all-soprano chorus of Metallica tunes, well… Midnight Sun nearly does that and it comes off with such power that I began, after several listens, to shout along, in-step, to “Metal Gods” — surely to be confused with, but there’s not need to, the Judas Priest song of the same name. “We are metal gods, in a metal world…” It is too much! Then there’s “Dungeons Of Steel,” “Steel To Steel” and “Metal Will Stand Tall” — all over the top with their over-the-topness of Swedish power metal, metall-ity! To top it off, welcome to the “Metal Machine” a song so powerful, so metal… It can’t be stopped!

Steamhammer Records: http://www.spv.de

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