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Punk music can be enjoyable, but only to a certain extent. There is only so much I can listen to before all the songs start to sound the same. A punk band that actually has a distinct style and stands out is a rare phenomenon. Since their debut full-length release in 1996, Millencolin have shown just how unique they are. With their fifth full-length album, Home From Home, Millencolin once again prove they are in a league of their own.

On their last album, Pennybridge Pioneers, released in 2000, Millencolin experimented with their sound, revealing a softer side to their punk roots. Home From Home, on the other hand, is 13 tracks of in-your-face energy, emotion, and good ol’ rock n’ roll. Millencolin have truly progressed as a band. Although they have played with their sound many times, it seems as though Millencolin have finally settled down.

Will Millencolin ever cease to put out good albums? Only time will tell, but my guess is they will only continue to improve as musicians and as a band. Home From Home is definitely worth the cash.

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