Mistress Barbara

Mistress Barbara

Relentless Beats Vol. 2


Chumming around with Carl Cox and playing drums has helped Mistress Barbara, the Montreal DJ responsible for the popular Relentless Beats Vol. 1, make a name for herself, and spurred interest in her “funky drummy techno.” There couldn’t be words more apt to also describe her latest album, Relentless Beats Vol. 2. With “Easy Filter Part X (Chester Beatty Remix)” by FLR, the amazing “Rippin and Drippin Part 2” by Mr. Sliff, “Watch The Sun” by Brian Sentz, “Visitor” by Dave Hill, and three of her very own songs (“Talk To Me,” “Effet Karma,” and “Do You Believe in Love at First Listen?”), Relentless Beats Vol. 2 is everything that Vol. 1 was, only better. What can you say? When techno is good, it’s good, and when it’s bad, it’s a nightmare. This, you’ll be glad to know, is undoubtedly good

Moonshine Music: http://www.moonshine.com

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