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Parker And Lily

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This is a seven-inch single from New York City semi-duo Parker And Lily. Side A, “Three Day Life,” is what happens when smart people listen to too much Nico: multi-instrumentalist and singer Parker Noon croons over Lily Wolf’s faux-amateurish organ grooves: “Friday out past curfew/Saturday morning I watch cartoons/With someone new.” It’s cute, it’s unoriginal, it’s intentionally boring, it’s over.

But Side B is a crime. “Hey Sau Jin” is Santo and Johnny’s 1959 guitar instrumental “Sleepwalk” tarted up and forced to hook on the mean streets of Indieville. Damn, kids, if you’re gonna rip off classic songs, at least be a little creative about it.

Best thing about this: the picture of Lily on the cover, which makes her look like a hot punk Goth girl. (If you check out the Web site, you’ll see that she doesn’t really look like that.)

Worst thing: dudes, it’s a seven-inch vinyl single. If it’s this inconvenient, it better rock — which this doesn’t.

Parker And Lily:

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