We Are the Only Friends We Have

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Piebald are so charming and witty it hurts. So much so, in fact, their third full-length release, We Are the Only Friends We Have, is completely irresistible. Piebald have already garnered a huge cult following and they are sure to recruit many new fans with this latest release.

We Are the Only Friends We Have goes beyond the high standards fans have already come to expect of Piebald. The album is laced with undeniable charm and hints at musical genius. The opening track, “The King of the Road,” is a humorous ode to Piebald’s “deceased” tour bus, Melvin: “We keep your door/Like it’s a postcard/From camp/Maybe you’re in auto-heaven/Oh man/I really hope so.” It may only be my maternal instincts surfacing, but for me, one of the album’s definite highlights is singer Travis Shettel leading a choir of kindergarteners through the chorus of “Just a Simple Plan,” the second track. So damn adorable.

Not only are the songs fabulous, but the titles are good enough on their own. Prime examples include “Karate Chops for Everyone but Us,” “Fear and Loathing on Cape Cod,” and my personal favorite, “Sex Sells and (Unfortunately) I’m Buying.”

Instead of coming across as pretentious, We Are the Only Friends We Have is witty, entertaining, and thoroughly enjoyable. There is not one song on the album that will let you down. Be careful though, I’ve already listened to the album five times, and I only received it today. We Are the Only Friends We Have is highly addictive, and Piebald will quickly become one of your favorite bands, if they aren’t already.

Okay, enough praising. Do yourself a favor: go out and buy this album. I guarantee it will put a smile on that pretty face of yours.

Piebald: http://www.piebald.com

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