Reign Of Erebus

Reign Of Erebus



Make no mistake here, people! This is EVIL stuff! How evil you may ask… let me tell you that I had to look on my list of received items for review to even see what the name of the band was! Yes, indeed, the band’s logo (which fits neatly into a pentagram) is so indecipherably metal, I couldn’t even tell what it said! All Right!

Humanracist is very fast, high pitched black metal. Like many recordings from this label, there is little bass (bass guitars, bass drum) to speak of, making for a treble fest of guitars and raspily screamed vocals. Each song sounds pretty much like the first track, the poeticly named “Stormwinds Of Lucifer.”

Needless to say, these guys aren’t really pushing any envelopes with their sound. Strangely enough, though, their keyboards, which I’m guessing are present to give their music an “eerie” quality, actually do a rather comical deed: the keyboards sound like early ’90s techno-rave keyboards! Imagine a bunch of raver types, gyrating away as the “duuun du-de-du-de-du-de- duuun” keyboard track runs atop the pounding techno beat. Now remove everything but the keyboards, insert a generic satanic black metal band, and “viola!” You have Reign Of Erebus! This is b-o-r-i-n-g!

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