Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth

Fed to Your Head


Scorched Earth aren’t what I’d thought they’d be. This CD did, however, provide me with some quality entertainment. Let’s examine togheter…

First off, Scorched Earth play early ’70s style acid/power rock. At best, they’re a third rate Lenny Kravitz, and that’s at their best. In their attempt to sound “’70s,” the band forgot that we are living in 2002, and production standards of the 1970s are simply unacceptable. Were Scorched Earth to have put out “Fed to Your Head” in 1973, they probably would have had some followers. The crappy, hollow drum sound on this record is completely terrible and doesn’t work; Lenny Kravitz and co. know this, that’s why they opt for the Led Zepplin school of drum production, the kind which is so deep and heavy it punches holes in your chest. Take a lesson, guys!

OK, let’s take a look at the bands members’ names. Keep in mind that as I type this, a really bad Grateful Dead style solo is playing on the track “Blues For the Universe.” The band members names are, and I kid you not, “Devilfinger,” “Snake,” “Horse,” and “Pharaoh.” The pictures they put of themselves in the liner notes are supposed to be black and white, grainy style ’70s photos, but they look hilarious because they were done with a computer program (oh, the irony!).

Next, I’d like to take you to the end of the liner notes, to read to you the producer’s notes about recording the band: “In all my years, and brother that’s a lot, I’ve never met with such an exciting and demanding challenge. They said no one could capture the raw energy and sheer exuberance of Scorched Earth…”

This CD is terribly embarrassing, for both listener and band. Avoid it like the plague, brother.

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