Source Of Tide

Source Of Tide



This is unforgivably terrible operatic black metal. Sadly, someone told these guys that it might be cool to have pianos and synthesizers in their band. They were wrong.

Were the band to dump the keyboards and the current vocalist, I think they might be OK. The guitar players are very good, precise, and are pretty darn evil (truly!). The drums, as expected from a Candlelight band, are very mechanical and fierce. The songs aren’t tremendously well crafted, but they’re above average, in terms of surprise level and darkness. It’s too bad, though, because Blueprints is tainted too far by the corn and cheese on this record — enough here to feed the entire people of Ethiopia!

Let’s start with the supposedly spooky keyboards. They’re just not scary or spooky at all! Man, talk about corny! I don’t think the evil quotient of these keyboards is any higher that the backup keyboards on any given N’Sync record! Track number four, “Serenade Of Silence” starts out with some idiotic techno sounds which belong nowhere near the guitars and drums on this record! The vocalist and keyboard player should be flogged! Occasionally though, the vocalist and keyboards are hidden or absent, and Blueprints actually sounds all right (see “Enslaved By Principles”).

I think the band can save themselves, though. The band photos in the liner notes show that “Lord PZ” (yes, that’s what he calls himself) sports some very funny looking corpse paint. The photo also reveals some overly dramatic scowls on the band members’ faces, as well as a dangerously high level of fishnet mesh shirts and spikes. Guys, take it easy on the corpse paint, spikes, and ’80s fashion, get rid of the keyboards and your vocalist, and change your name. Ohterwise, call it quits. Recommended only to be played out of pity for the members of Source Of Tide.

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