Strobe Talbot

Strobe Talbot

20 Pop Songs

Alternative Tentacles

Putting the request “Please play this loud and often” on the back of their disc might seem a little presumptuous, but when you hear Strobe Talbot, you’ll agree, and might even take them up on their request! Mick Hobbs, Jad Fair, and Benb Gallaher are the men behind this 20-track wonder. The lyrics are what you’d expect if Tom Green became actually musical, and the music isn’t all that much different. A goofy, off path sound only matching that of a modern white funk band with a loopy sense of writing. The power song “Yes We Can” is the best and “Fury of the Wolfman” is the worst — everything in between is teen movie fun with childish ideas (“Day – Dreamy”) and altogether mushy and light. The totally indie, ironically (almost curiously) positive and simplistic (“High-Class Love”) group that everyone’s going to be talking about. Get it now when they’re still inventing the wheel.

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