The Mendoza Line

The Mendoza Line

Lost In Revelry


The Mendoza Line play an interesting mix of indie pop crossed with tinges of folk and country. Imagine, if you will, crossing Full Moon Fever-era Tom Petty vocals, the mood of Bedhead, the female vocalists from That Dog on back up vocals, slide guitars, occasional bursts of Dinosaur Jr.-esque rock, with top quality songwriting and you have The Mendoza Line.

Lost In Revelry will appeal, easily, to fans of Weezer, That Dog, The Rentals, Old 97’s, Superchunk, and other overtly poppy bands; Mendoza Line’s songwriting is as good as any of the above mentioned bands. The strength behind the band’s sound has to be the guitars, which, although the variety of songs vary, never wavers for a second. The Mendoza Line can be rockin’ away at one minute (see “We’re All in this Alone”) or playing cowboy blues (see “The Queen of England”) at the next, yet the guitars are always wonderfully played.

The overall mood of this one, however, is pretty dark and subdued, so don’t put this one on at a party, unless you want everyone to take a nap or start weeping. This is a good one for long rides in the car or for reading. I’m not usually into country crossover type deals, but Lost In Revelry will challenge even the biggest cynic. Very good.

The Mendoza Line:

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