The Sleeping Flies

The Sleeping Flies

You Are Superior

Kindercore / Electric Watusi Boogaloo

An album’s worth of brilliantly hypnotic dance music from The Sleeping Flies. Mainly recorded together with Elephant 6 mainstay Bill Doss, this has a late ’60s free-form flowery psychedelic feel to it, but is still far eerier than you’d probably expect from that categorization. There’s definitely more than a shade of Primal Scream to much of the material, and it’s all instantly danceable with songs based around strong yet free-flowing rhythm and bass. There are enough hooks here to last lesser bands through an entire career, but Sleeping Flies thankfully refuse to settle with the immediately catchy, instead pushing the tracks ever forward, exploring the frameworks of the songs as they go along. Combining electronic and acoustic instruments, what is particularly appealing about the album is its organic presence and immediacy, perfectly capturing the seducing sound of a long summer night.

Kindercore Records:

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