Twila Paris

Twila Paris

Greatest Hits


No one can deny that Christian music (and Christianity itself) gets a bad rap. You’ve got the TV evangelists, the unholy ministers, the religious killings, and even unsavory political figures that claim to be utterly devoted to Jesus. Now, this can be any religion, but it just so happens that Christianity is the largest practicing religious group in America, and so since there are so many, it’s easy to notice when things go bad. It’s just now becoming honestly cool to express your faith openly, not matter what your beliefs are and in the unstable nature of our relationship with the Middle East, it’s now more necessary than ever to have one. Despite all the other types of music available to people, many still choose Christian as their desired listening. Just like non-religious music, Christian artists can be pop, easy listening, gospel, rock, country, or even rap. Most of the time they’re a combination of those elements, as is the case with the ultra-popular Twila Paris. On her newly released Greatest Hits CD, Paris explores such topics as divorce, being lost, loneliness, and premature babies. The woman who has achieved 32 number one radio hits, five Dove Awards, and sold over two million records put together the eighteen track disc with her fans in mind because she included three new tracks (“Sparks And Shadows,” “Faithful Father,” and “God Of Miracles”), which proves that after twenty years in the business and three published books, she still has it.

Twila Paris:

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