Your Love Broke Through

Your Love Broke Through

The Worship Songs of Keith Green


How soft can you possibly get? This soft, that’s how. In an attempt to honor the memory of rebel-gone-Christian Keith Green, a dozen or so surprisingly young but old-at-heart contemporary semi-stars of Christian pop have hooked up with a band who got fired from Muzak for being too super-soft (ok, I’m making this up) to record Keith and Melody Green’s pop hymns. Green was a charismatic, handsome preacher who obviously influenced quite a lot of people through his words and music and who was instrumental in bringing pop music to the Church, but that doesn’t necessarily make for great music per se. Green’s music serves its function, but as long as his original recordings are available, are there any reasons to make an album of inferior syndrum-heavy versions? Of course not. The press release states that the album attempts to bring Green’s music out to a new generation, but if the new generation listens to this kind of missing-personality crap, that’s just plain sad. If you really want to honor Green’s memory, get his original albums, because this just doesn’t cut it.

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