The Puzzlements (Five Times Three Points Ending in &):

The Puzzlements (Five Times Three Points Ending in &):

1. Glue-sticks will now have your names & in their place you will all be called
Democritus &

2. Cost won’t know!

3. Tomatoes are fruits damn it, can you hear me, fruits I tell you, fruits.

4. Let Rechtschreibung be gone!

5. For the kingdom of peanut butter is in your cupboard.

6. Let butterscotch go the way of the Magic Eight Ball!

7. For butterscotch burns & is better disguised as Carl Malden.*

8. Words are polyps on the backs of astronauts!

9. Confusion breeds sympathy &

10. The loss of one leads to a harvest of softeners!

11. Hard work wins that plastic gold trophy where someone is holding something.

12. For a quarter action will ram its thrifty moments into your heart, but without the pleasure you seek!

13. Hold fast my dear friends, hold and it shall have you in the biblical way.

14. PoundCake shall not, nor shall you, John!

15. For this is a ransom note & you shall sup on crow & crow alone &

And so, Good Friends, your Ardor awakens here, a place where what began in the Tabernacle of Understanding ends where Fervor has pitched its pup-tent on the tidal flats of Belief.

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