All the Dead Pilots

All the Dead Pilots

Easily Lost in the Present

Hyphenated American / Ambiguous City

The debut album from Christian stadium-emo-rockers All the Dead Pilots opens with a rather fine piece of Manic Street Preachers-grandiosity called “Cloudy,” all huge guitars and Morrissey-styled vocal lines that never really suit the melody. Pretty good stuff. The excitement wears off a bit too quickly, though, when all the posing and sheer massiveness becomes too formulaic for its own good. Emulating the articulate melodic complexity of Elliott proves that their hearts are in the right place, but both the songwriting and the performances on this album are far too uneven — and uneventful — to set All the Dead Pilots apart from all the other bands out there doing the exact same thing.

Hyphenated American Records:

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