Bitch And Animal

Bitch And Animal

Eternally Hard

Righteous Babe

As much performance theater as “merely” music, female duo Bitch And Animal (yes, one is Bitch, the other is Animal) is gay pride personified, presenting a lifestyle, a cause, and — thankfully — loads of fun. Kicking off this set with the hilarious narrative “Best Cock on the Block,” they don’t waste a second in warning the listener about what s/he’s up against. And while there are plenty of laughs to be had throughout, the duo never compromises either their philosophy (effectively summed up on the frantic, multi-layered chant that is “Sparkly Queen Areola”) or their emotional seriousness — they’re certainly not being coquette about their sexuality.

Some of the songs are (apparently) love songs, pure and simple, such as the lovely “Six States Away,” while others tackle everything from the linguistics of gender-definition and the power of the body as sign. No less. Super proficient musicians, lyricists, and songwriters, this album contains multitudes and beyond. Add to that the presence of the ever-prolific Ani DiFranco — who produced about half the tracks, as well as performed on several of them — this is an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

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