Burning Point

Burning Point

Salvation By Fire

Steamhammer / SPV

“Finland, Finland, Finland. The place that I want to be…” For excellent power metal, definitely! Burning Point, hailing from the land that cornered the market in cell phones, could corner the market in power metal. What definitely sets Burning Point apart is a heavier sound. While they have awesome vocals and a musical intricacy that demands a membership in the power metal realm, they’re clearly schooled in the heavier sounds of nearly thirty years ago (they used to be called Planet Caravan…). The combination is pretty impressive and definitely works the listener to an epic fever pitch. The first song, “The Burning Point,” introduces the album with the sounds of a violent thunderstorm, then crushes into the next song, “Under the Dying Sun,” perhaps drawing on the end of the six-months of summer they are used to. Listening to “Lake Of Fire” and “Fall of Thy Kingdom” back-to-back I wondered about what it is they teach the kids in Finland… The Book of Revelation? Sure… Other raging heavy metal songs include “Black Star,” “Stealer Of Light” and the title track, “Salvation By Fire.” Argh! Bring me my weapons!

Steamhammer Records: http://www.spv.de

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