Comet Gain

Comet Gain


Kill Rock Stars

The fourth album from British anarchists/super-intellectuals Comet Gain sees them further exploring the side-roads down post-punk avenue, with an increased swagger and an utterly attractive bounce in their feet. Like a contemporary version of glam rockers Slade or T-Rex, or like early Sonic Youth on a particularly poppy day, this is highly idiosyncratic music that sets out to draw people in, without ever giving in to compromises or easy solutions. “My Defiance” is a sharp bristle of clever punk, like top-notch Jane’s Addiction without the self-centeredness; “Moments in the Snow” is The Pixies doing The Velvet Underground; and “Labour” is the ultimate soundtrack to a feel-good revolution. With an ear for fine sloganeering, they’re still far too complex and too inclusive to ever come across as preachy ñ so that what we have here, then, is basically brilliant, experimental power-pop with a cause. And then some. Stunning.

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