Millions Of Brazilians


Two basses, one drummer. Post-rock math-rock with soul. A goofy-ass sense of humor: check the album title and some of the song titles: “Wrapping the Lamb, Sir,” “Maria, Which Has Got Her Heart Completely Fucked Up,” “Pinata Oblongata.” Pretty melodies, tight playing, the ability to rock in 5/4 time…what’s not to love about Dianogah?

Well, they need some more ambition, dammit. First of all: dudes, you’re young and strong and ambitious, you can do better than a 36-minute album! Score some Viagra or something. And don’t go blaming it on your new producer, Tortoise-boy John McEntire, because you did the same damned thing back when Steve Albini was producing you. Don’t be afraid of wearing out your welcome — people who love this kind of thing are hungry for it and would gladly eat it if you put more on their plate.

And I’m worried, too, that they’re just not stretching the sound at all. This isn’t a big change from any of their other things, and none of the tracks here are very much different from any other. Sure, they’re great: the one-two punch of “Flat Panda” and “Take Care, Olaf” hold down the middle of the album nicely, but they’re almost indistinguishable from “The Sky Came Down to the Rooftops” or “Pitufina.”

Here’s what I want Dianogah to do on their next record: go hog fuckin’ wild. Or fail spectacularly. Or something. Stretch it out a little, guys… you can pull it off. I know you can. And no one wants to hear Millions of Brazilians Volume 2.

Dianogah: http://www.speedsite.com/~dianogah

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