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The Princess Diaries

Original Soundtrack


This soundtrack is a pop lover’s dream. BBMak, Aaron Carter, Backstreet Boys, Myra, Nobody’s Angel, Youngstown, Mandy Moore (who also stars in the movie – wonder that), Hanson, and B* witched all on one disc! Walt Disney Records brings together music aimed at an early teenage audience, and for that, the music is what it is – pop. “Little Bitty Pretty One” covered by Aaron Carter and “Ain’t Nuthin But a She Thing” by Lil’ J (featuring Nobody’s Angel and Tammy Phoenix) add a little nostalgia to the otherwise mostly heart-driven songs. “Crush” by 3G’s seems to be the most well rounded tune, almost bordering on soul. The other end of the spectrum is the Anette Funicello beach party worthy “Stupid Cupid” by Mandy Moore – whoa. No matter what you’re looking for in the world of teenybop pop, it’s sure to be located on this disc.

The Princess Diaries:

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