Aaaarrrr, Mateys! Yo, ho, ho, and a 40 of ale! This Hatebreed record knocks me out of me knickers and pummels me with a ferocity unmatched on all of the deep blue sea! Yaaarrr!

Yes! This rocks extremely hard! I get very happy when I get a record that is completely awesome, from start to finish, and let me tell you people, Perseverance doesn’t play around at all. It’s 100% brutal metalcore!

Where to start? The opening track, “Proven,” reminded me of early Sick of it All with better vocals. This track sets the tone for the record, which is mainly a tasty selection of heavy stompers, perfect for fistfights and driving fast! The album’s title track is very similar to the aforementioned track, but angrier and tougher. “You’re Never Alone” is an anthem for street rats and people at the end of their rope. It’s Hatebreed offering some empathy and sympathy, in addition to words of encouragement. Thanks guys… sniff, sniff… By the way, that song rocks, too!

“A Call For Blood” is so aggressive and tough, it reminds me of “Hellhound” by The Misfits: they’re both the kind of song that makes you want to punch people, at random, right in the face! The “chugga-chugga”s are in full force on “A Call For Blood,” and I have to say it’s the album’s centerpiece. I challenge any band in America, or anywhere else, to create a song tougher than “A Call For Blood.” Whew!

In addition to that gem, the following tracks are essential Hatebreed: “We Will Fight,” “Final Prayer” (a vocal duo that has to be heard; you’ll be looking for a face to punch immediately!), “Healing to Suffer Again” (slowed down stomper), and “Judgement Strikes” (incredible… just incredible).

To be frankly honest, Hatebreed is just about as good a heavy band that can be found. I just hope that kids wasting their money on Slipknot, System of a Down, and Static X records read this review: you guys have to get this record! This is Hatebreed at their best. I truly believe this is their best work yet, and near perfection comes along very rarely!

Hatebreed: http://www.hatebreed.com

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