Louise Goffin

Louise Goffin

Sometimes A Circle


She’s been on the sideways elevator at the Luxor in Vegas contemplating life, she’s spent time at a songwriting retreat in the south of France writing songs for Christina Aguilera (which she couldn’t do so instead, she wrote the tracks for Sometimes A Circle), she came home to members of The Monkees in her living room as a child, spent a summer on a tour bus with James Taylor and her mom (who is none other than Carole King), and recorded most of her fourth album, Sometimes A Circle, while very, very pregnant. There is however one thing that Louise Goffin has never done: sell records like her mother. After numerous bands in which going nowhere was part of the object, in 1979 she set off solo with albums Kid Blue and Louise Goffin in 1981 (both on Asylum). After all this time, she is just now, at 41, starting to taste fame. In early 2001, she starred in a Gap commercial with King, and working with her husband (writer/producer Greg Wells, who’s responsible for producing Creeper Lagoon, Amy Correia, and Rufus Wainwright’s latest work) on Sometimes A Circle took her in the direction she wanted, and Dreamworks snapped her up within a few demos. The title track, “Instant Photo,” “What If I Were Talking to Me,” and “Bone And Breath” are some of the best, and all of her songs dance between the writing of Don Henley and the vocals of (surprise) her mom and Suzanne Vega. While artists with famous parents often seem to have a leg up in the music business, an icon is hard to overcome, and as sad as it is, Louise Goffin will have to cover a lot more distance before she’s able to step out of the shadow of her mother.

Dreamworks Records: http://www.dreamworksrecords.com • Louise Goffin: http://www.louisegoffin.com

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