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Diabolical Desolation


Oh yeah, people, this is good! This is really melodic Swedish death metal with crushing guitars really high in the mix, just like they should be!

Diabolical Desolation sounds, at times, like At The Gates, at other times like Entombed, and still at others like The Haunted. They – Centinex, that is – aren’t as corny and dramatic as your average Swedish death metal outfit; their songs are well developed, perfectly delivered, and unpretentious (thank you!).

The album’s first track, “Demonic Warlust” is a powerful speed romp through incredible production quality, with huge, human played drums (no more drum machines for Centinex!). I can’t really compare the guitar sound to any band; it’s uniquely Centinex! I guess the guitars sound more like (North) American metalcore bands, like Grade: very low-end, bassy, and chunky. On “Soul Crusher,” the listener really gets the vocal stylings of the lead singer down! He kind of sounds like the guy who sang for the band Cavity… the similarity is eerie.

Anyway, people will make fun of me for saying this is so good; the consensus is that Centinex are just going through the motions, playing a style of music that’s too overdone in 2002. I don’t care! These guys sound really great, and their music is very well crafted and delivered. They’ve been together for 12 years, and these guys deserve some recognition for being so darn heavy! This rocks, 110%!

Candlelight Records:

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