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What can one say about The Gloria Record? They’re depressing, their live show is incredibly boring, and their latest album, Start Here, sounds like a cheap ripoff of Radiohead’s OK Computer. Start Here is essentially background music with a trace of emotion mixed in for good measure. The Gloria Record are known for emotionally charged ballads such as “Miserere,” off their EP A Lull in Traffic. Disappointingly and quite surprisingly, there is only the barest amount of emotion on Start Here, only the tiniest, audible hint that is. Vocalist Chris Simpson whines his way through ten tracks which all sound exactly the same, and when I say exactly, I mean exactly. None of the songs stand on their own merit nor can any of them even compare to TGR’s older songs. Start Here does have, however, some value: the album is great for studying, for napping, or for dinner-party background music – providing your goal is to put all your guests to sleep. The Gloria Record are a talented band, but they certainly held back on Start Here, selling both themselves and their fans short.

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