Protection EP

Twenty Stone Blatt

This six-song EP apparently is a portion of a full-length to be titled …For Your Protection, to be released later this year. Nutrajet is a two-person band comprised of Greg Reinel on guitar and Jeff Wood on drums, and they’re from central Florida.

The music is a mix of power-pop with definite punky overtones. “Anyone Who Looks Like You,” for example has the singer saying, “This is your invitation to… fuck you!” While I can more than agree with the sentiment on any number of occasions, I’ve always had a certain wistfulness about power pop bands that might otherwise have an actual shot at radio making it impossible to hear their stuff due to using the no-no word. At any rate, another example of the punk influence comes in “Celebrity Fist,” where the singer delivers one line in the exact stresses that Johnny Rotten used on the Never Mind the Bollocks album where he said, “Japan is a dishrag!” If you’ve ever heard the line you know exactly what I mean. And to make sure you don’t miss the reference, the singer says “fist this” at the end of the song, just like Rotten said “kiss this” back in the day.

This is good stuff, think a lot of Cheap Trick (both in the general approach and the guitar histrionics, I saw Nutrajet open for Cheap Trick several years ago, so the influence is not just a coincidence) and a little Pistols in attitude, without sounding at all retro or too much like either of those reference points. And if you were wondering, this isn’t just a studio project, they can actually pull this stuff off live (they split the guitarist’s signal and run it through all sorts of magical machines to make it sound like a bassist is playing along with him, and it actually sounds good).



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