Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold

Bust A Groove


Attention DJs, Attention DJs, the groove train has arrived! If you’ve ever wanted to get into Paul Oakenfold’s head — or respectively one and the same, his record box — this is your chance. 14 tracks of loops and beats complete with the BPM of each and 25 tracks of scratches and samples to follow. From the funky “Sexy Sax (114 BPM)” to a fun “Blast (104 BPM),” also there’s the “Jazzy Shades (102 BPM),” a hip-hop “Brixton Grooves (108 BPM),” mind bending “You’ll Rock (92 BPM),” dance floor ready “Magic Man (120 BPM),” and neo-reggae “Helter Skelter (100 BPM).” Also the samples “Drop The Beat,” “Do You Like Music — Why Don’t You Put On a Record,” “Kick That Shit,” and the sexy best #33, “You are listening to the sound of…” are almost guaranteed to get you a hefty paycheck. Bust A Groove by Oakenfold, for the expansion of music. Lovely in all ways.

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