Shreds Of Dignity


Pro-Pain have been around for quite some time, and I just can’t believe they’re still so good! WOWEEE! Shreds Of Dignity is 100% kick booty metalcore stuff, the kind that makes you want to box with somebody!

I’ve never heard Pro-Pain rockin’ this hard… really! They used to have, umm… well, I guess I’d say, ‘breaks’ in their records. They would totally rock out for two or three songs, then there would be a slower stomper, but man, oh man, Shreds Of Dignity doesn’t let up, ever!

The sound of these guys on this record can best be described as this: Vulgar Display-era Pantera song structures, the guitar sound from the latest Slayer record, husky, gravely vocals, similar to Phil from Pantera, and drums as good and as loud as those found on anything Pro-Pain has ever done. If you can’t figure it out from this description, just know that this record is incredibly heavy, with huge everything, all up in your face!

This is the best thing I’ve heard, ever, from Pro-Pain; these guys have been eating their Wheaties! I think they’ve been substituting gasoline for milk though, because Shreds Of Dignity is one high-powered slab of brutal metal! One of this year’s best, easily.

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