Sparkle*Jets U.K.

Sparkle*Jets U.K.

Bamboo Lounge


If there were awards for most creative jacket theme, Sparkle*Jets U.K. would cream any competition. With the names of the people who contributed what to each song laid out like recipes, the song titles names of drinks and the length of the songs with dollar signs acting as prices, this group is muy creativo from the get-go. As far as the music goes, “Monster” is a girl anthem with a twist of mint ($3.14), the song we could all use is “Sorry” (a pricey $4.00), the swingy “Consult You Physician” ($3.03), a yummy “Beautiful Girl” ($3.14), the rhythmic and sad “Nobody’s Girl” (“She says she’s nobody’s girl…/wish I was nobody” — $3.41), the retro “They Shoot Square Dancers, Don’t They?” ($3.06), and the best deal around, “Bamboo Lounge” at a mere $1.32. Don’t leave without taking up the great shooter special — “Hate Your Hair,” only $.42 each! Wow, what a great lounge, they even serve drink umbrellas. For the new generation of B-52’s fans, your savior has arrived. Double your pleasure with the Sparkle*Jets tribute album, I Love Sparkle*Jets U.K. Have some Island Records “power pop” for an appetizer and all the drinks on the menu will go excellent with some “Rock Lobster.”

Sparkle*Jets U.K.: http://www.gosjuk.htm

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