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The Drop



Inevitably, Radiohead, Coldplay, and perhaps even Travis comparisons will start cropping up in reviews of this release. It’s too bad, as these comparisons will surely overlook the talents that this band has. Dreamy and atmospheric pop music that maintains a sinister under-current. The opening track, “Spiderbite,” begins with a beguiling bit of understated melody that sounds like something off of Kid A before abruptly changing direction and raising the intensity level.

Christopher McBride’s vocals, of course, contribute a tremendous amount to the overall effect. His voice is soaring and emotive and, when compared to the current standard of music that emphasizes baritone moaning, a revelation. Perhaps, the American singer he resembles most closely is Carlos Forster of For Stars, who is also capable of inflecting his lyrics with subtleties and nuances.

Roman Parker, guitarist, is also no slouch, and he contributes nearly as much in defining The Drop’s sound. As a guitarist, he is virtually unrivaled (based on this disc) not only by what he contributes but his method of refraining. His playing remains the perfect foil for McBride’s vocals, and I would venture it is the interplay of the two that does so much in defining The Drop’s sound. For fans, obviously, of the previously mentioned bands, but also those who are fascinated and enthralled by the sonic exploration of artists such as Sonic Youth or the cool rhythms of Kraftwerk. A moody album that is the perfect blend of emotion and technique, heart and soul and reveals a band on the move.

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