The Reputation

The Reputation

The Reputation


The Reputation have arrived. The new band fronted by Elizabeth Elmore has mercifully ended the anticipation and released their first album. This is the first full-length release from Elizabeth Elmore since her first band; Sarge, released their farewell CD, Distant, two years ago. The Reputation is not merely Sarge under a new name, nor is it simply a backing band for Elmore, although she is clearly the force in the band. They are a rock solid band playing songs that rival anyone in music today. Although I’ve heard most of the songs on this disc either in demo form or live, the band has helped the songs grow and develop into some indie pop classics. The real power of this disc is Elizabeth Elmore’s lyrics, and vocals that have never been better. At times she displays an almost Dylan-esque ability to wind long awkward phrases through songs that almost defy the ability to be sung, yet pulls it off wonderfully. She also seems to have no fear as she exposes herself in songs about infidelity, dating woes, alienation, and personal loss. Even though these are not uncommon themes in pop music, Elmore brings an un-cliched approach to these songs that feels utterly real. She has embraced her inner nerd and makes geekiness cool, like a musical Janeane Garofalo. Sarge fans will probably be pleased and flock to this new record, whereas those who missed out on Sarge and discover this album will be searching for copies of Distant, Charcoal, and The Glass Intact.

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