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It comes as no surprise that VNV Nation have emerged as true innovators in electronic music. With Futureperfect, the duo once again prove that they are true masters of their craft. Following a brief spoken introduction in various languages, “Epicenter” comes full force with pulsing beats and throbbing grooves. Searing mid-tempo rhythms combine with emotional vocals placing the listener into orbit. An instrumental club demon follows with “Electronaut;” complete with soaring synthetics and vocal effects. Well-structured analog and digital sounds intertwine with thoughtful melodies creating a moving piece. No sitting allowed on this one. A pleasant ballad is found on “Holding On,” a thought-provoking gem with a strong message. This track proves to be the calm before the storm as “Carbon” comes into play. Maybe the eeriest track on the album, “Carbon” conjures up images of a dark, decaying world in need of hope. Somehow, VNV manage to make even this track uplifting. “Genesis” celebrates mans’ first landing on the moon and also forges a new path into the future. It is easy to see why this was chosen as the first single from the album, with its intense production and stunning delivery.

With “Structure,” VNV bring us into uncharted sonic territory. Severe blips and sound bites lay against a throbbing EBM backdrop that shatters walls. Cyber warfare never sounded so good. The pace is picked-up a notch with “Fearless,” where out of this world sonics bland with Ronan’s passionate voice alongside a synthesis of electro beats. Secure your seat belts for this one as you head into hyper drive. Nearing the end of the disc, we come to “Beloved,” a massive array of songwriting, sound sculpting, and production genius unmatched by any other artist in the genre. This will raise the bar that others will attempt to reach, but will come up short.

With this release, Metropolis Records has secured their ground as the premier electronic music label in North America. If you enjoyed the band’s previous efforts, run out and grab this new treasure of our time.

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