Sapphic Delight


It’s been damned near 15 years since Bobby Jimmy’s “Roaches,” and rap has been screaming for its own “Weird Al” Yankovic ever since. Though a lot of the genre has become laughable in the past few years, we fans need someone who’s funny on purpose. In steps Whitee, a simply twisted white boy from upstate New York who used to rhyme over rap instrumentals to crack up his friends during his college radio station days. Sapphic Delight (his second release) shows a bit more maturity than that. All the music on the disc is original, though a little rough. But the main attraction is Whitee himself. His sense of humor is straight out of the gutter, perfumed with a Promethean, irreverent wit (“Mothers, hide your daughters if you want grandchildren; because I turn them into lesbians like I was Rumplestilsken“). These are songs to laugh to — from his country send-up “Trials & Tribulations” (where his girlfriend and dog leave him) to “Lesbian Lover” (you can figure that one out) and “Tin Of Love” (you might not want to figure this one out). If you’re feeling suicidal, I strongly suggest you put this disc on and laugh yourself away from the gun’s barrel.

Whitee: http://www.whitee.com

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