Asian Travels 2

Asian Travels 2

Various Artists

Six Degrees

It is amazing how in a relatively short time Six Degrees has built a reputation for quality that few in the industry can match. It is also impressive how they maintain that high level of quality with almost every release. This sequel to their highly successful 2000 release, Asian Travels disappoints in no way, shape, or form. Dedicated to that South Asian, Desi vibe, 2 packs that electroworld punch we’ve grown accustomed to Six Degrees throwing.

The disc does, however, start off with a misstep. Banco de Gaia’s remix of Karsh Kale’s “Distance” brings a cringe to the face. But it’s soon placated into a grateful smile when you hear the frantic, sitared breakbeat of Outside’s “Red Earth.” It’s pure genius. MIDIval PunditZ’s “Anja re'” is a finely constructed tune that doesn’t quite reach the dance frenzy it flirts being for an entire six minutes. Karsh Kale’s hip-hop inflected “Deepest Blue” more than makes up for the first song. And Bob Holroyd and dj Cheb i Sabbah end the disc with some nice, ambient gems.

Once again, another fine hipster excursion to the other side of the planet.

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