Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution

Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution

A Call to Arms

RISC Group

There’s so much great music out on the streets nowadays. There’s so much really good music, and The Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution are a case in point. Existing somewhere between the confines of a band and a collective, this free wheeling group combines the frantic energy of punk, the rhythm of gypsy tunes, Irish drinking songs, Salsa, and a host of other styles, all of which are played on acoustic instruments. At only five songs, this EP is more of an appetizer than a full-blown meal. Yet it does indicate a group with plenty of room to expand.

On this release, The Bandits number fifteen individuals who are led (if led can be the right word) by Tomas Kalnoky, the songwriter and singer. The disc opens with a gentle introduction that combines elements of classical guitar, brass instruments and the plaintive cooing of bandit, Rachel Goldstein. This introduction bit lasts just under two minutes before The Bandits set out to a rollicking celebration of life on the track “Here’s To Life.”

Altogether, there are riches upon riches of musical treasure on this release. Fans not only of punk but disparate bands from Camper Van Beethoven to The Pogues and Filthy Thieving Bastards. Eclectic and high energy, with enough attitude to sway even the most cynical observer.

Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution:

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