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Bats & Mice

Believe It, Mammals


Ever listened to an album and really liked it and then realized that you can’t remember a single melody or hook or lyric or anything from it? That’s happened to me twice with Believe It, Mammals. We got jangle, we got loud, we got sad mumbles, we got cathartic screaming, we got poetic lyrics that don’t seem to make any sense at all, and we got photos of all four members getting hit in the head by dodgeballs on the booklet — all the ingredients for fun, right here! But somehow, it all manages to slip right outta my head as soon as it goes in. The fault is probably mine… but still.

(Obligatory reference to former/current bands affiliated with Bats & Mice: Sleepytime Trio, Four Hundred Years, Milemarker.)

Maybe you’ll be all over this album like a vegan at a salad bar, but Believe It, Mammals hasn’t sunk in with me yet. Might be the overly floaty artsy universal lyrics (“I start a fire to trap you in / I pick a fight I cannot win“); might be the band’s own transition from louder punky stuff to interesting rock-based sounds. Not sure. All I’m saying is that I like this album when it’s on, but I can’t remember it when it’s not. Hmmmmm.

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