Christine Kane

Christine Kane

Rain and Mud and Wild and Green

Big Fat

The singer-songwriter game is a tough one. While it takes intensely personal sentiments and simple, intimate music as its starting point, the results are more often than not easy solutions and a lack of anything to say — formulaic folk. It’s rare to come across a truly unique voice, but when one does, it’s so much more rewarding. And while Christine Kane may not be a fully formed artist just yet, this album — her third studio release, yet — is still an impressive effort.

Kane does that dubious open mic-thing to remarkable effects, combining the immediately accessible with the slightly enigmatic. Some of the hardcore lo-fi/indie folk kids will surely be put off by the apparent prettiness of it all. But don’t let the impeccable production fool you, this is a filthy, dirt-under-its-nails album, full of grit and arguments. It’s nostalgic, for sure, longing for times that were, but at the same time it’s contemporary like mad, tackling social issues in a thoughtful, caring way. With only one blatant miss on it ñ I appreciate the sentiments behind “Girls Like That,” but melodically it just doesn’t hold up at all — this is a very fine release from an artist that’s only getting better. Already a local favorite in Asheton, NC, this could be the album that sees her reach out to the major audience she so deserves.

Christine Kane:

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