Death Of Marat

Death Of Marat

All Eyes Open

Stick Figure

Listening to the lo-fi, yet polished sounds of Death Of Marat, you just might envision the half-glazed stares of late Joy Division vocalist Ian Curtis while he jams with members of Gang Of Four. All Eyes Open provides us with a perfect throwback record that somehow staves off derivative tendencies. Heralding the awkward prompts of bass-heavy improv music, while assembling the melodies and strife of hardcore, Marat offers up both the emotional and the irrepressible. In fact, its foundation lays firmly in the late-’70s/early-’80s British post-punk invasion, ala The Fall, Wire, and the aforementioned Four.

The opening “Science Vs. Scenery” is awash in bone-rattling drums and a sloppy, yet memorable vocal delivery that transcends much of what you hear from most emo or indie bands these days. The latter tends to rely on both slacker and elitist idealisms, while emo is simply too whiny. For something that isn’t easily consumable, but nonetheless memorable, All Eyes Open will have your ears following suit.

Death Of Marat:

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