Few Left Standing

Few Left Standing


Solid State

Few Left Standing play melodic metal/sludge-core, with growled vocals, angular parts with time changes and a wide array of strange musical facets. Along with the other slew of tough metal bands on the Solid State label, Few Left Standing are brutal and bruising, and rarely let up.

Wormwood is a solid chunk of arty metal stuff, similar to a more complex and musical version of Dillinger Escape Plan. The opening track, “Burn Me to the Ground,” does just that! The guitars are crunchy and grinding and the vocalists screams and growls ripped me a new one (it’s funny to think that they’re singing about Jesus, who was a pacifist). Another track worth mention is the hilariously titled “10,000 Angry Hardcore Kids,” which opens with a crazy heavy metal guitar line, only to lead into a slow and crushing stomper, a la Hatebreed (but slower).

Needless to say, this is great! If you’re looking for something to play loud in your car at stop lights, inducing strange looks from others, this would be good. I’m glad the trend of young white gentlemen, “bumpin'” in their “pimped out rides” is pretty much over; let’s start a new trend: chugga chugga metal core stuff blasted at our friends on the road. We could retain the extra low seating of the “wigger” days, ’cause that was the shizee.

Solid State Records: http://www.solidstaterecords.com

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