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G-Spot play adult contemporary music, in the vein of Reba McEntire crossed with Aerosmith. It would be too easy to say that this record is totally boring and disinteresting, so I won’t. I think if I were 10 years older, I might appreciate this more, but something just isn’t right about this band.

Let’s take the back cover of the CD. Amid a large red painting lies the open female reproductive organ, in sky blue and orange; I kid you not. Needless to say, I didn’t really need to be subjected to that.

Secondly, the band’s name. “G-Spot?” Come on! This band is comprised of a bunch of thirty-somethings who obviously have no idea as to the boundaries of good taste.

The music here isn’t really all that music better, in terms of “good taste.” This type of music, adult contemporary rock, should have died long ago, along with Crystal Pepsi, Sizzlean, and the Yugo. Avoid like the plague.


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