Haricot Vert

Haricot Vert

Folklore Of Averages


Is it an animal, some fuzzy little rainforest tree-dwelling marsupial? Pilot directions? Slang for pants? A new dance step? Nope. Haricot Vert is actually “green bean” (in French). and that’s appropriate, considering the band is also from France — imagine that! They “had a rendezvous(!) in Atlanta with Brian Paulson and created six of the best songs you’ve never heard,” according to the record label’s Web site. “Les Moyennes Des Folklore” is French (see the trend?) for Folklore Of Averages, which is indeed the theme of the disc. If you could sing the emotions of a broken heart, the true pain of life’s hardships, Haricot Vert would be that feeling. While all the songs sound the same (with a few new lyrics popped in strategically), and there’s an overall tinny sound they emit, “green bean” is a perfect American garage band — but they’re French… so that doesn’t really work, huh? Oh well, “Three Capfuls Behind,” “Blanket Wash,” and “Ascertain Ocho” are nicely done and should keep you in the know when it comes to the ways of the French indie-rocker. Now, the important question: if you listen to them frequently, does that satisfy your vegetable quota? Haricot Vert: so not a dance step.

Moodswing Records: http://www.moodswingrecords.com

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