In the Halls of Waiting


Well, what to say about these scary goth/metal dudes… The first track, “Ill Starred Son,” opens with this acoustic guitar part that sounds exactly like that song that Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne did, many moons ago. It’s funny, because I wasn’t prepared for such a stupid opening, but the rest of In the Halls of Waiting makes up for the cheese of the first 30 seconds.

Insomnium play some really melodic death metal that could even be considered gothic. Make no mistake that these guys are not kidding around about their unhappiness! This is a band of truly dark individuals; the world needs more of this type of honest and truly painful music.

The most interesting thing about In the Halls of Waiting is the fact that, even though the listener can’t understand what the singer is growling/singing, it is clear, the entire time that he isn’t just putting up a tough guy front. He sounds truly upset and/or disturbed about something, and the sincerity is very welcomed!

The music, as you may have guessed, is grinding and harsh, yet the guitar players in this band are very talented and they play some of the most creative melodic guitar riffs; I’d venture to say that this is the best melodic death metal record since the last Enter My Silence record.

From start to finish (not Finnish, which this band is!), In the Halls of Waiting is a solid example of how emotionally powerful music can be. Insomnium have put together so completely emotionally destructive and strong, it should be required listening for all fans of dark music; Cure fans, KMFDM fans, Projekt fans, black and death metal fans… everyone should hear this completely incredible record! A+.

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