Japan For Sale

Japan For Sale

Volume Two


In Sony’s second edition of Japan For Sale, they present another thirteen pop stars from the Far East. Even though there is a nearly impenetrable language barrier in the lyrics, the language of music needs no translator. Much of the music on this disc is oddly familiar as Western pop styles have been appropriated, re-tooled and returned in a fresh innovative new package that feels quite original. Electronic music loaded with sythesizers and samplers dominate the sound on Japan For Sale. Dt’s “Yume No Nakae,” “New Wave Jacket” from Polysics (who are kind of a cross between Talking Heads, B-52’s and Devo), and a song from the Japanese supergroup Puffy Amiyumi (formerly “Puffy”) called “Atashiri Hibi” are the standouts on the disc. Although it is disappointing that no real experimental, punk, or metal bands are represented, the new version of Japan For Sale is nonetheless a great introduction to Japanese Pop — or J-Pop, in the vernacular — or a great mix disc for current fans.

Japan For Sale: http://www.japanforsale.net

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