Kill Switch… Klick

Kill Switch… Klick

Almost Ambient Collection Vol. 1


Although D.A. Sebastian is a man of many projects, especially in the post-industrial landscape, Kill Switch… Klick is likely his most familiar musical outlet. This latest collection speaks for itself, with cosmic synth lines hovering above constant string cadences. “Bringing” and the opener “Restraint” could easily be mistaken for Spheres-era Delerium cuts, with a sound that’s transcendent, but unfortunately outdated. It doesn’t improve much with the addition of vocals on many choices here, as the tracks deserve a little bit more respect than the tired singing/talking that only lends a languishing quality to the music.

After the fifth track winds down, the semblance of beats slowly emerges, especially on more “upbeat” tunes like the menacing “Feeding The Machine,” which sounds like a sped-up version of the Knight Rider theme. But there’s still an overwhelming feeling that this record is staler than the bread in the back of your fridge. It’s only when the beats recede and the record’s intended purpose of ambience rises to the surface does this collection shine. The touches of shoegazer traits on “Eventually (Forever)” almost make up for the mundane material, but it might already be too late, making the majority of this record almost unlistenable.

Kill Switch… Klick:

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