Moon Theory

Moon Theory

Moon Theory

Ursa Minor

Like many debut efforts, San Francisco’s Moon Theory has released a disc that is uneven yet dripping with that dreaded “P” word: Potential. This is a group that should be commended for its experiments in cross-genre pollination. Unfortunately, sometimes, you do get weeds. The disc starts off with some serious odes to Nine Inch Nails. Personally, I think the problem likes not with TSO’s “cyber rock” production but with Kaeti O’Ghara’s vocals. Her voice is a bit delicate at times and really does not stand up against the maelstrom of guitars and electronic effects. So, songs like “Insomnia” and “Thirst No More” ring a bit hollow. But, when the group gets more into the meat of the album, which is more trip-hop and downtempo oriented, O’Ghara’s larynx shines through — sometimes even achieving true beauty (like on “Shapeshifter”). While I never want to force any artist into a box, I can’t help thinking they should’ve decided what direction in which they wanted to go before they started production. Because, sometimes, they simply choose the wrong path. Though, I guess, sometimes you have to get lost in order to figure out where you’re going, which, for Moon Theory, should be the much smoother boulevard of downtempo.

Moon Theory:

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