Nappy Roots

Nappy Roots

Watermelon, Chicken and Grits


It was only a matter of time until the post-OutKast search for all things Southern yielded Nappy Roots, the most country-fried thing on earth since steak. Over soul-flushed organ and smacky 808-y sputter, the sextet is single-handedly Kentucky’s tastiest export since Colonel Sanders.

And these guys are Kentucky to the bone. Completely unflossy and unglossy, Nappy Roots revel in their undeniably, um, nappy roots. Some of the southern joys they revel in on the stripped-down manifesto “Ballin’ on a Budget” include dog fightin’, overalls, stompin’ through the mall with a pack of Dutch Masters and a pint of alcohol, candied yams, chitlins, greens, smoked country ham, chicken wings, cornbread, grandma in the kitchen throwin’ down , half a pint of bootleg gin, river views, picnics, big ticks and, of course, those Clydesdale Kentucky gals.

Watermelon, Chicken and Grits is indeed a fulfilling treat, but their ¸ber-Southern proclivities are a lot more entertaining coming from slow-drawlin’ white boy Bubba Sparxxx and their internal countrified rhythms have been reproduced much more convincingly by the Goodie Mob. And although their organ-and-drums production becomes an irritating and gimmicky about halfway through (OK, you guys are Southern, we get it), the Nappy Roots are gritty, anti-bling, and organic, matching their funky drawl with an always lively attitude. Even their darkest moments have unadorned energy and optimist missives in the midst of their backwoods imagery. Don’t worry, be nappy.

Nappy Roots:

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