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Big Sleep

Witty, smart, and fun pop music that ranges from power pop to silliness a la They Might Be Giants. The album opens up with a classic track, “Fingerprints,” a spirited look at love, life and sullen entropy. The next track, “Sailor,” sounds like Mark Eitzel after a bout of manic activity. With a mixture of alto and tenor saxophones, pedal steel guitar and mellotron; they rock with abandon on a tale of love loss and woe.

Indeed, their greatest talent is an eye for detail that raises their songs from good to great. Anyone can write songs about love or unrequited love, very few can work in references to The Godfather and getting their mother to kick someone’s ass. All this above soaring guitar work and a swirling MiniMoog!

For fans of clever pop music or those who enjoy an eclectic approach, this one’s for you. Rhythm and soul that has enough wit to cut the edge of their sincerity and they’re sincere enough to avoid being “cute.” This is a fun pop album.

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