Q-Burns Abstract Message

Q-Burns Abstract Message

Re-Routed: The Invisible Airlines Remixes

Eighth Dimension

Hot off the wings of his underrated Invisible Airlines, Michael Donaldson, a.k.a. Q-Burns, jumps into the remix bandwagon by offering up these reworks of his tunes. Many a producer has followed similar routes, so why not Orlando’s favorite eccentric electronic music maven? Almost every cut invokes much of the same breezy, house-infected atmosphere that pervades the originals. I’m not familiar with most of the acts on here, save for King Britt, who dishes out standard, yet passable deep-groove fare. But it is the oddballs who provide the most stimulating twists upon their tracks, like Tetris waxing proto-industrial on “Differently” and koto-aided charms of “Shame” by Hakan Libdo.

Some material here borders on filler, but given the right circumstances and the external environment, the funktastic flavors could compliment your evenings just fine. Overall, remix albums seem like cash-ins on a quality record, but in Q-Burns case, it is just another sincere offering from an inventive lad who does things his way, but gathered some talented mates to join him on his flight this time.

Eighth Dimension Records: http://www.eighthdimension.com

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